Fuel is everything you need to build the perfect health & fitness companion. Reach your goals with intelligent features that keep you mindful and on track.

Flexible calorie tracking

Track your calories and macronutrients with a minimum and maximum target instead of a fixed goal. Measure consistency not perfection.

Comprehensive nutrient tracking

Deep dive into the specific vitamins, minerals, and ingredients that matter to you. View the top foods for any nutrient.

Subscription required

A modern food library

Search over 20,000 foods and growing. 100% verified. Use universal foods in place of the brand equivalent for nutrient details that go beyond the average label. Automatically sync each week for the most up-to-date nutrition information, even for past days.

Subscription required for syncing

Weekly Review

Get a weekly report card of key nutrients and overall diet quality. See your best foods for preventing nutrient deficiencies and visualize your stats for the previous week.

Subscription required

Nutrient watchers

Watch key nutrients like sugar, saturated fat, and sodium. Get regular feedback on your diet for improved habits and mindfulness.

Subscription required

Calorie and macronutrient trends

Track your average calorie, protein, carb, and fat intake over days, weeks & months. Compare progress from month to month.

Subscription required

Workout and move trends

Track your average workout and move activity over weeks and months. Compare progress from month to month.

Subscription required

Macronutrient recommendations

Get help reaching your goals with food recommendations for protein, carbs, and fat. Get suggestions for foods to consider eating less often.

Subscription required

Fruit & vegetable tracking

Track your intake of fresh produce against a recommended daily serving size. Your daily serving suggestion is personalized based on your calorie goal and sex.

Subscription required

Food quality analysis

Keep tabs on the relative health of your diet and view your lower quality foods.

Subscription required

Calorie visualizations

Focus less on the details with a visual overview of your calorie consistency.

Subscription required

Weight trends

See your progress visualized over weeks, months, or the past year.

Subscription required


Connect with friends and family to add accountability and improve your motivation.

Subscription required

Smart food suggestions

One-tap food recommendations based on the time of day and your eating habits.

Subscription required

Calorie updates

Connect to Apple Health for intelligent calorie goal updates that use your recent activity and weight history.

Subscription required

Custom daily values

Personalize the daily value of key vitamins and nutrients like saturated fat, added sugar, and vitamin D.

Subscription required

Nutrition label scanning

Add foods with a snap. Scan nutrition fact labels to auto-fill nutrition information.

Weigh-in reminders

Weekly weight checks help assess progress and validate your current calorie goal.

Lock Screen & Home Screen widgets

New in iOS 16! Use small widgets to review your calories or a single macronutrient. Use large widgets to view your summary in your preferred visualization style.

Subscription required

Apple Watch app & complications

View your day’s summary in the Apple Watch app, or choose from more than a dozen complications for your watch face.

Subscription required

Guided setup

Set your daily calorie window by answering a few questions, or manually enter calories if you have a goal in mind.


Choose between nine unique themes.

Subscription required


A curated set of milestones shine a spotlight on consistency and help support new habits.

Other features

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Take control of your diet with the calorie tracker made for everyone.


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